2015 Senior Northwest Championships

The 17th annual 2015 Senior Northwest Championship Tournament will be held August 12th-16th at the Borst Park Sports Complex in Centralia, WA.

2015 Junior Northwest Championships

Baseball Northwest is proud to introduce the 5th annual Junior Northwest Championship Tournament, taking place August 20th - 23rd at the Borst Park Sports Complex in Centralia, WA. This year’s tournament will include over 175 talented Northwest players in 2019 and 2020 classes from Oregon, Washington, Idaho, Montana, and Wyoming. 

2015 Arizona Fall Classic

AZ Fall Classic Dates:

  • October 1-4 -- AZ Sophomore Fall Classic
  • October 8-11 -- AZ Senior Fall Classic
  • October 15-18 -- AZ Junior Fall Classic

2015 Can Am Futures Series

The 2015 Can Am Futures Showcase Tournament will be held September 19th-20th at the Regional Athletic Complex (RAC) in Lacey, WA. The tournament will consist of some of the top 2018, 2019, and 2020 players from Western Canada and the Northwest.

2015 Prospect Evaluation Camps

The Prospect Evaluation Camps (PECs) are the most important events to attend of any Baseball Northwest event, because they allow us to fully evaluate you as a player.  We use these evaluations to create our top prospect lists and to select players for teams for our other to

Top Prospect Lists

Baseball Northwest has released new top prospect lists for the 2012-2015 classes. Lists are broken down by states; Washington, Oregon & Idaho/Montana/Wyoming/South Dakota.

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